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We’ll be walking at a comfortable pace and stopping along the way several times. But I want you, your feet and your body to be comfortable too. Comfortable feet: Your shoes should be suitable for trails one would find in a woods. Generally the trails we walk are well maintained and many are rated easy – think gentle. That still leaves the occasional root, or rock, or a small pile of dry leaves.


  • SOCKS are great because they help keep the shoe from rubbing directly on the skin from happening which (deleted one of the words – helps) helps make blisters a thing of the past. Blisters have a huge reputation for spoiling the fun. They just plain hurt.
  • LONG PANTS and a long sleeved shirt help protect from scratches and sun burn. Try to find a light weight combination. If it is cool, bring a jacket. Have a walking stick or poles? Either are welcome, especially if you are used to using them or just want to feel more confident. Pace of the Walk. This isn’t a hike or a run or a rock climb. We are here to discover and experience. We’ll be stopping along the way and I’ll bring a stool for you to sit on. Water?

Don’t Forget
Please be sure and bring your water bottle. Fill ‘er up all the way before you begin your drive. Water is not always available at every trail walk. Other considerations. Bug Spray if you normally use it. Tissues. Sun Screen. A Rain jacket with a hood, if the weather man says it is going to rain – probably no umbrella if there is supposed to be wind. FACILITIES are not always available – (bathrooms and water fountains.)

CANCELLATIONS Generally this is a rain or shine event. Exceptions: if high wind or lightening are part of the forecast and or the weather is forecast to be dangerous the walk is cancelled

"Wishing for Your Own Walk, with Your Friends?"

Contact Jean, she is flexible with dates, times and locations in this area. She’ll will work with you to find a suitable location, time and date that works for you.

Welcome Walk

For a limited time. Cost of a first time walk with Jean is $16.00.
Offer good through November 30, 2023

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